Welder Logbook Continuity

To our welder members curious about logbook continuity, we have the following clarification:

“If a welder is out of compliance with their weld process, i.e. PWP 7 ( SMAW Process ) & PWP 10 ( GTAW Process ) then contractor’s weld procedure / qualifier that the welder has to do prior to welding on production or in-service lines, will then bring the welders log book into compliance as per ASME Section 9 requirements, as long as it is documented in the log book and that the weld procedure from the contractor is registered with TSBC. The signing of the log book can be done  at the end of the project / contract, by the contractor or QC on site. This is a clarification from TSBC bulletin that was issued on Tuesday, March 31 / 2020 to all RTA’s”

At this time our welding shop is still closed to all members for weld testing and practice. We will re-evaluate periodically, and follow all recommendations from the Public Health Official.