Image of Steve Chatterson, RSE

Steve Chatterson, RSE


Red Seal Steamfitter
Red Seal Welding Specialty Metals Endorsement
Level A Welding
Gas Fitter (TSSA G3/GP)
Project Management Certificate

(604) 540-1945 (ext. 429)

Steve began his career in the construction trades shortly out of high school. After completing a pre-apprenticeship welder and metal fabricator program at his local college, he worked in custom fabrication shops and then structural steel shops where he started fabricating and welding more critical structures.

Both his Grandfather and Father were Steamfitters – so it was clear early on that the piping trades could be a successful career avenue – leading him to apply at his home local UA527 (Kitchener, Ontario). During his time with the United Association, Steve has worked on several different projects as a Steamfitter; including returning to his roots as a welder and eventually building his own welding rig. The piping trades have taken him across the country: working in oil refineries, automotive plants, food and beverage factories, natural gas pipelines, and even the Vancouver Ship Yards.

Over time, like many before him, Steve decided to move to British Columbia to follow his passion for camping, hiking, and snowboarding. Steve transferred into Local 170 in April 2017.