Image of Jim Lindsell, RSE

Jim Lindsell, RSE

Construction Safety Officer

Red seal Plumber
Level 2 Occupational First Aid
AWP trainer
Fall Protection trainer
Confine Space trainer
NAUSC Shop Steward trainer
BCWITT trainer

(604) 540-1945 (ext. 436)

Jim Lindsell grew up in North Burnaby. He started his apprenticeship in 2006, where he worked commercial until early 2009. Since then, Jim has worked for a Chemical plant, a Refinery, a Coal mine, a Pulp and Paper mill, a Copper mine, a Building Camp, an Aluminum smelter and a shipyard. At the shipyard, Jim gained experience as a foreman and as a back up shop steward.

Jim’s hobbies include: travelling, camping, watching sports, going to the gym, and listening to music.