Image of Bernard Booth, RSE

Bernard Booth, RSE


Red Seal Welding Specialty Metals Endorsement
Level A Welding
Instructor’s Diploma

(604) 540-1945 (ext. 445)

Bernard started his career in 1972 in Medicine Hat and graduated as a journeyperson in 1976. He’s worked in various shops and oil rigs around Alberta in the mid 70’s for companies such as Halliburton. He got a job at Lornex copper mines as a pit welder maintaining the ore shovels and various mine equipment in the late 70’s. He decided to move out to B.C. in the early 80’s after taking a year off to travel.

He left the welding industry for about 24 years to work on installing and maintaining data networking systems. He was project manager for companies such as ICBC, HSBC and 360 networking which was putting fibre optic mesh around the world. He started teaching at UAPICBC in 2011 and graduated from the UA instructor training program in August 2015.

In his spare time he likes to travel the world and play golf.