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This upgrading course is an innovative program designed for students who have not achieved the academic requirements needed to enter a formalized apprenticeship program.  This program supports students in developing their math, comprehension and retention skills.  Using a more visual and interactive teaching approach, the program has been proven successful in providing students the skills they need to begin an apprenticeship or to employment.  Other Essential Skills topics covered include:

  • Dealing with the fear of learning
  • Listening skills
  • Time management with school and home studies
  • Critical thinking
  • Working with others
  • Teambuilding

Providing essential skills prior to starting a formal apprenticeship program provides students with a solid foundation that will help maximize success in training as well as in future employment.

Program Information

  • Course Delivery

    Fort St. John

  • Certification(s)

    Certificate of Completion

  • 6-8 wks
  • Length*

Topics Covered


Training consists of learning the basics of the plumbing trade with an emphasis on safety.

  • Improving Essential Skills in Reading Comprehension and Retention
  • Improving Essential Skills in Oral and Written Communication
  • Math Upgrading
  • Computer Skills