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This programme is intended to assist immigrants in attaining recognized certification in the piping trades and other construction trades. The UAPICBC has partnered with the Industry Training Authority (ITA) to provide funded training opportunities for those who have been trained internationally and need assistance to have their qualifications formally recognized in Canada, or for those immigrants who wish to pursue a career in the piping or construction trades. The UAPICBC will provide eligible immigrant participants with counselling, transferable skills assessments, action plans and training options; so that they can meet their career goal

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    Certificate of Completion of Selected Trade

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This six week course provides participants first-hand exposure to plumbing, sprinklerfitting, steamfitting and welding; and is designed for individuals without a lot of experience, unclear on which trade to pursue and an interest in working in this field. For those who qualify, there may be an opportunity to progress into a formal apprenticeship in one of these trades.


This 18 week course covers level one plumbing, sprinklerfitting and steamfitting and is designed for non-sponsored individuals wishing to attain a career in the piping trades. Part way through this course students must decide which trade to specialize in. There is an enhanced focus on practical exercises throughout this training, as compared to our six week level one training counterparts, in order to provide sufficient skills development for non-experienced participants.


Introduction to Construction (ITC)

This ten week course exposes students to multiple trades, spanning plumbing, sprinklerfitting, steamfitting and welding as well as others such as dry walling, painting, tiling, iron working, electrical, pile driving, bricklaying and floor laying (dependant on registrations). Those who qualify can then be registered in level one apprenticeship training.

Apprenticeship Level 1

Candidates with sufficient work experience and applicable qualifications can be eligible to pursue this level of technical training; either at the UAPICBC, which is covered in six weeks of training, or at other affiliated building trades training centres for the respective technical training.

Apprenticeship Level 2/3

Candidates with sufficient work experience and applicable qualification, in addition to an endorsement from the ITA (to enter into a higher level of apprenticeship training) can apply directly into either of these levels of technical training; either at the UAPICBC, in which either level is covered in six weeks of training, or at other affiliated building trades training centres for their respective technical training.

Welder Level C

Candidates with previous welding experience may be eligible to enter directly into this programme. This 28 week course can be completed in less time, if competency based expectations are met.

Welder Equivalency

Candidates with welding certifications from other countries may apply for equivalency testing. In addition, the UAPICBC is a certified qualifier for the CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau).

Red Seal Challengers

Red Seal (Journeyperson) challengers. Candidates with the necessary challenge requirements met, along with the applicable approvals from the ITA, may be eligible to receive counselling support to develop an action plan with an appropriate trades training institute.

What can you do with this certification after completing it?

  • Varies, please refer to each program page for more information


  • In order to qualify for funding from this programme, the participant must be foreign-born and must be permitted by immigration authorities to live in Canada permanently
  • A candidate must also be Labour Market Agreement eligible and a resident of British Columbia
  • A minimum English language proficiency score of 5.5 on the IELTS, or an equivalent measurement tool score such as TOEFL (70), TOEIC (620), FCE (C); alternatively, an assessment can be done by an UAPICBC counsellor, by means of an interview or by the written Oxford Quick Placement Test (QPT)
  • A minimum level of Grade 10 mathematics – an assessment (RAI-12) can be administered by a UAPICBC counsellor, if necessary.

More Information:

  • Please contact the school at 1-604-540-1945 if you have any questions