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Saving lives is never too small a task. Sprinkler tters specialize in  re suppression systems installation, maintenance, and repair.

Sprinklerfitters install and repair fire protection sprinkler systems in a variety of buildings and settings. They work with piping, tubing, accessories and connections. Sprinkler System Installer is a designated trade under the interprovincial Red Seal program. They test sprinkler and fire protection systems for leaks with air or liquid pressure. They may also install exterior fire protection services, which require an understanding of system and installation drawings and specifications.

As the industry evolves, sprinkler workers will need to stay on top of new products, applications and fire protection requirements. Integration of sprinkler systems with thermal storage systems is expected to be an increasing part of a sprinkler worker’s job.

In some cases, installers may be required to work at a considerable height. Upgrades of existing systems can be complicated and often involve working closely with other trades. The demand for qualified Sprinkler System Installers has increased as building code requirements have mandated the use of more extensive sprinkler systems.

Program Information

  • Campus


  • Certification(s)
    Red Seal Certification
    Cross Connection Control (Level 3)
  • 4 yrs
  • Length

Topics Covered

Level 1

Training consists of learning the basics of the sprinkler system installer trade with an emphasis on safety.

  • Rigging and Hoisting Equipment
  • Drafting and blueprint reading
  • Hand and power tools
  • Install pipes, valves and fittings
  • Introduction to Plumbing, Steamfitting, & Sprinkler Fitting

Complete program outline:

Sprinklerfitter Level 1 Program Outline

Level 2

Past the halfway point in your apprenticeship, this level of technical training focuses on supply and distribution systems, as well as assembly and installation.

  • Install and Maintain Sprinkler Components and Ancillary Equipment
  • Install Detection Devices and Systems
  • Install Water Based Sprinkler Systems
  • Install Sprinkler Heads
  • System design and material pickoff

Complete program outline:

Sprinklerfitter Level 2 Program Outline

Level 3

This stage of technical training exposes students to intermediate technical aspects of the trade. Components and systems process is a strong focus, in addition to many practical shop projects.

  • Cross Connection Control
  • System design and material pickoff
  • Install Special Application Sprinkler Systems
  • Test Fire Protection Water Supply Systems
  • Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Burning

Complete program outline:

Sprinklerfitter Level 3 Program Outline

Level 4 (Red Seal)

This technical level of technical training covers codes, the various systems, in addition to design and layout. Closing of with final preparation for the interprovincial Red Seal exam.

  • Install and Maintain Sprinkler Components and Ancillary Equipment
  • Install Standpipe and Hose Systems
  • Use Trade Related Codes
  • Install Residential and Dwelling Sprinklers
  • Gas and Chemical Systems

Complete program outline:

Sprinklerfitter Level 4 Program Outline


  • Recommended education is Grade 12 or GED
  • Minimum requirement is Grade 10 completion, including English, Math and Science 10

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Program Timeline: