No, as long as you are a registered apprentice with the Industry Training Authority and meet UAPICBC entrance requirements, non-members are welcome to take apprenticeship classes at UAPICBC; however; only UA Local 170 members are eligible for subsidized tuition fees rates.

Yes and No: If you intend to take Levels 1-4 apprenticeship training then yes, you need to be sponsored.

If you intend to start an apprenticeship without a sponsor you can take the Piping or Welding Foundations program to get going.

There are information sessions weekly on Wednesday at 10 AM. To register contact 604-540-1945

The UAPICBC APP is available on Google Play and through the IOS (Apple) Store – search for “UAPICBC”

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Download and complete the Application for Apprenticeship Sponsorship or Foundation Training Application for Apprenticeship Sponsorship or Foundation Training and submit it to the Delta Campus office.

Please contact the office at 604-540-1945 or the ITA (Industry Training Authority) customer service line at 778-328-8700 for your most updated field hours.

Please contact Local 170 at 604-526-0441 for more details.

Each course has a non-refundable $100.00 fee. This will reserve your seat in an upcoming course. For more specific information, visit the program page or contact UAPICBC at 604-540-1945

Eligibility criteria to qualify for funding under our Canada Job Fund – Employment Services and Support (CJF-ESS) Program:

  1. Individual must be unemployed and have not collected or been eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) over the past three years (or five years for receipt of maternity/parental benefits); or
  2. Employed individuals working equal to or less than 20 hours per week, in which case, an individual is considered Unemployed.
  3. An individual who is working for no wages (i.e. volunteering) is not considered employed.

All CJF eligible participants must also meet the following requirements:

  • Legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Living in BC
  • Not a full-time post-secondary student
  • Not a high school student
  • Not participating in another Canada-British Columbia Job Fund Agreement-funded program

Please contact 604-540-1945 to inquire if you are eligible for funding under our Canada Job Fund – ESS Program or attend one of our weekly information sessions (Wednesday at 10:00 am – Delta Campus).    Some of the training supports that may be available for students who are eligible for ESS funding include:

  • Tuition subsidies
  • Transportation allowance
  • Lunches
  • Daycare subsidies
  • Protective equipment (safety boots and coveralls)

Once you register as an apprentice with the Industry Training Authority, they will issue you a Training Worker Identification number (TWID).  Please refer to your ITA (Industry Training Authority) card which lists your TWID number or contact ITA BC customer service 778-328-8700.

The UAPICBC office automatically notifies the contractor of any rate increases.

Download the UAPICBC app and check our calendar or contact the UAPICBC at 604-540-1945

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IOS App Store:

  • Opportunity: British Columbia is set to benefit from major economic growth over the coming years. The construction trades will play a huge role in this development.
  • Earn While You Learn: Apprenticeship training takes, on average, 4 years to complete. Construction trades offer satisfying and rewarding careers, with above-average starting wages.
  • Completing your training and becoming a journey person offers better employability and higher wages.

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